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Body Waxing

Whether you’re after a full body wax, a bikini line wax, facial hair removal, or even a men’s wax, we can help you.

It's always a bit of a gamble going to see a new beautician...

Are they going to do a good job?
Is it going to hurt?
Will they be clumsy with the wax?
Or too aggressive when pulling it off and tear your skin. Ouch!

Here’s what our customers say after their wax:

Amazing Service! Had been to somewhere else for my first wax and wasn't fully happy, came here and was blow away! Perfectly smooth and my waxer was extremely friendly and chatty which put me at ease and prices were very competitive. Will see you in 4 weeks! - Melanie Lawton

What to expect at your waxing session


It’s natural to feel nervous about getting your wax done. Especially if you’ve jumped around from salon to salon to get your waxing needs taken care of.

That’s why we welcome the chance to earn your trust.

Walk in and you’ll find a clean and chic salon that’s warm and friendly. We’d like you to feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.


This may be your first time, you just hate waxing, or you’ve had a bad experience. You can expect your therapist to listen to your concerns before explaining what will be done. Every therapist at Bewaxed has extensive knowledge of the procedures and products, and will leave you completely satisfied to go ahead with your wax.

Your therapist will care for you and take whatever time you need to calm your nerves and make what would normally be an uncomfortable service an enjoyable one.

You can expect a discreet service where you’ll be in and out quickly with a professional wax. Your friendly therapist has the experience and unique waxing techniques so you’ll get a careful, smooth, virtually painless wax every time.

Your therapist is skilled at waxing those difficult places with no pain or as little pain as possible. Areas such as the bikini line, g-string, nostrils, and bottom, to name a few.


Your therapist will apply oil on your skin to soften and leave your skin smooth and silky. You’ll also get helpful tips on after-waxing skin care so you can easily maintain the health of your skin.

Will my wax hurt?

Despite your personal pain thresholds and past waxing experiences, at Bewaxed, waxing is virtually pain-free, even for the most sensitive parts of your body. 

The perfect combination of our highly trained therapists and the most gentle of all waxes, Lycon Wax, brings about this quick and almost painless experience!

We use Lycon products as these are the best in the industry for quick, almost painless, long-term results. Combined with method and techniques that have been used time and time again with many happy customers, we know you’ll be astonished at your waxing experience.

The procedure is super quick and we’ll apply oil on your skin to soften and leave your skin smooth and silky.

They do a fantastic Brazilian!  Quick and painless - John Rivett

The right wax makes all the difference

Our hair grows differently throughout our bodies. Eyebrows and lips typically grow short fluffy hair, while backs, chests, and necks may grow shorter, stronger hair in a larger area.

A wax that takes these factors into consideration will ensure we remove hair quickly and with as little pain as possible on any part of your body. That’s why we’ve chosen Lycon waxes.

Lycon offers a wide range of waxes that work effectively and care for the area being waxed. They also offer all our therapists a thorough training program so you’ll enjoy a quick, almost pain-free experience from your wax.

For example, Lycon hot wax is perfect for difficult areas such as the bikini line, small areas such as neck and shoulders, and the face: it’s gentle with soothing aromatherapy ingredients, and is brilliant at removing hair as short as 1mm.

For men with stubborn hair growth, Lycon’s Manifico wax is exceptionally strong yet won’t drag the skin.

If you have super-sensitive skin, we may opt for a strip wax with Titanium Dioxide or Micro Mica to give you an extra gentle wax.

These are just some examples of how Lycon wax could be used - your therapist will tailor your wax based on your hair growth type, personal preferences, and their experiences from the hundreds or even thousands of waxes they’ve done.


  • Removes hair as short as 1 mm
  • Provides comfortable treatment due to low temperatures
  • Offers long results
  • Removes hair virtually pain-free
  • Product for all areas of the body

Fast, clean and wallet friendly. - Jessica Bodnarchuk

Body Waxing for Women

Waxing Options

Face Arms & Legs Other areas of body
Eyebrows ¾ Leg Brazilian
Eyebrows, Lip, and Chin Full Leg Wax Brazilian and Eyebrow Wax
HD Eyebrows Upper Leg First time Brazilian
Lip Lower Leg Stomach
Chin Inner Thigh Neck
Side Burns Feet & Toes Bikini
Lip & Chin Full Arm G-String
Full Face (Side burns, chin, and lip) ½ Arm Bottom
Nostrils Underarm

Body Waxing for Men

Body Waxing Options

Face Arms & Legs Back & Chest Other areas of body
Eyebrows ¾ Leg Full back Brazilian
Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils Full Leg Wax Upper Back or Lower Back First Brazilian
Ears & Nostrils ¾ Leg Chest & Stomach Stomach
Ears Full Arm Chest Full Bum Wax
½ Arm Buttocks

What they say

Welllllll my experience here has been great, my first experience elsewhere was that bad I asked for tequila, seriously come here for great service and a fantastic experience! - Kirra Eagles

Read the reviews and thought I'd try this place.  It really was as good as what the other reviews say - super quick, hygienic, professional, friendly and very reasonably priced.  Would highly recommend. – Gillian Gordon

Great service & great results. Who would have thought a woman's chewbucka could look so good. Highly recommend them. - Nyantara Gearon

Silk Oil of Morocco

Amazing results with Silk's Oil of Morocco professional mineral cosmetics.