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Spray Tan

We’ve all seen it: the blotchy, uneven, orange tans of those who have obviously had a nightmare fake tan.

You cringe because you know it could easily be you. Perhaps it has even been you.
But no more. From now on, you’re determined to get perfect spray tans. Natural looking tans that give your skin a healthy glow. Airbrushed to perfection.
You’ve felt it. You love how a beautiful tan can make you feel slim, attractive, and confident.

We can create a gorgeous glowing tan to keep you glowing all year, or for your next island getaway. Maybe you’re after beautifully defined muscles for a bodybuilding show. Perhaps you need a rich colour that cleverly accentuates your body for a figure competition.

We can help you get that healthy, vibrant, sun-kissed look no matter what your age, lifestyle, skin type, or goal.

What to expect at your tanning session

Your therapist will assess and match your skin tone so you’ll get the most amazing natural colour.

You’ll have the chance to chat through any concerns or ask any questions before the spray tan. Your therapist will put you at ease and advise you on what to do to prepare for the application and how to prolong your tan.

You can expect your spray tan to be applied with great care and impeccable attention to detail. We’ll make sure:

  • Your colour is perfect
  • Correct technique is used every time
  • You are given the right product for your skin
  • Sensitive skin is considered with extra care and attention

You’ll leave the salon with a flawless tan in a rich, natural colour that will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped out of summer.

What type of spray tan do we use?

We use the Black Magic range of tanning products for 10 reasons:

  1. Natural organic ingredients such as green tea extract, argan oil, and aloe vera
  2. Hydrating botanicals nourish and soften your skin
  3. Powerful anti-aging extracts keep you looking young and fresh for longer
  4. Wide range gives your skin the perfect colour match and a beautiful finish
  5. UV protection to protect your health
  6. Paraben-free to avoid long term damage to your body
  7. Hypoallergenic and gentle for all skin types including sensitive skin
  8. Non-comedogenic so won’t clog pores
  9. Australian-made products
  10. Non-sticky and odorless

Get a great fake tan without harmful UV damage

Studies have shown that too much sun can cause leathery or wrinkly skin, premature aging of the skin, and even skin cancer.

We all like to have that perfect tan, but baking for hours under the sun’s powerful, harmful UV rays is never worth the risk.

That’s why we insist on using Black Magic spray tan products. It means your tan will look as gorgeous as if you’ve just been in the sun - while avoiding the devastating risks of UV.

Spray tanning options

Your therapist will assess your skin tone and colour match the perfect spray tan. The Black Magic range is based on different skin tones and includes specialised tanning products for dancers, models, and bodybuilders.

Great spraytan, felt very comfortable and cared for. Big plus are the hairnets - Isabel Lüttmann

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